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OLB Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that our website saves to your device when you open the site.

What sort of cookies do we use at olb.eu?

Necessary (technical) cookies - these are required for the operation of the website. Without the use of these cookies - by blocking them in the browser - the website might not work properly.

Preference - these cookies make it possible for the website to remember information, which changes the way the website behaves or how it looks. This makes things easier for you, for example by remembering the language in which you want the website displayed.

OLB uses the following cookies for its functioning:







during the session

used as protection against CSRF or XSRF



during the session

used to save the session identifier



during the session

used to protect against session confusion



Unlimited validity

used to save the culture (language) of OLB during the most recent session


The cookies specified above are unable to identify you, meaning that no personal data will be processed. They are the cookies from our site - the olb.eu website does not use third party cookies.

Specify in your device settings, or in the browser settings, whether the browser should allow the website to save cookies to your device. The use of necessary (technical) cookies does not require your consent. For other types of cookies, you give your consent through the browser settings.

Permitting and blocking cookies in browsers

You can block cookies using active settings in the browser which make it possible to block the use of all cookies, or only selected cookies.

Blocking cookies or a cookies file will not remove the cookie from the web browser. You will have to actually remove the cookie from your web browser.

If you want to change your cookie settings, go to “Options” or “Preferences” in your Internet browser, or run “Help”, where you will find further information.

Click on the link below on the browser you are using to open a page with information about cookie settings.

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