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    Foreign payments

    Foreign and domestic payments through Akcenta are fast, reliable and inexpensive. You can make payments in 17 currencies. They are a responsive alternative to payments made through banks.

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    Foreign exchange trades

    We offer the best rates for companies, individualised solutions, speed and reliability in the implementation of foreign exchange transactions (currency exchange). We provide each client a solution that best fits their needs.

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    Forward transactions

    The main function of forward transactions is to hedge against adverse movements in exchange rates. You can choose among forward trades, swap trades and currency options.

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    We focus on currency exchange, international payments, and forward transactions for clients from a wide range of companies and institutions. The maximum efficiency with which we provide services to our clients allows us to offer better exchange rates and significant savings when making international payments.

    Our exchange rates




    The exchange rates shown are informative in nature; for the most up-to-date rates, please call +420 498 777 800. You can find current exchange rates in our Online Broker anytime.

    Why do you need a solid partner for currency exchanges?

    Because better exchange rates mean greater savings.

    The larger the volumes you trade, the more you can save. That's why it's important to get a favourable exchange rate. A relatively small difference in the exchange rate, say 0.10 CZK to 1 EUR, can mean annual savings of over 100 000 CZK for your company.

    Our traders offer the best odds. You can speak to them by phone in any one of 7 languages. Or you can follow your always up-to-date odds in the Online Broker (OLB) This makes trading very easy.

    What are the advantages of working with Akcenta?


    Currency exchange

    Foreign payments

    Elimination of exchange rate risk

    For companies

    We provide professional support and look for tailor-made solutions together with our clients.

    What are derivative transactions and why use them?

    The main function of forwards is to hedge against adverse movements in the exchange rate of two currencies. It is possible to hedge the current exchange rate for up to 1 year as standard, individually or longer.

    In the event of a negative exchange rate development, you do not lose your margin on the concluded trade. Akcenta offers various types of forward trades, swap trades and currency options starting from low amounts.

    What are the advantages of foreign exchange trading with Akcenta?

    Convenient rates, individual solutions, speed and reliability in the execution of foreign exchange transactions (currency exchange). We offer each client an optimal solution to suit the specific needs of their business.

    We do not have a traditional exchange rate menu. Rather we set an individual exchange rate for each client and offer it at the time of the actual exchange; this according to the current situation on the foreign exchange market.

    We are your best partner for foreign exchange.

    Want to do business with us?

    1. Contact us

    Fill in the contact form or call us on +420 498 777 800.

    2. Preparation and signing of the framework agreement

    A sales representative will prepare a framework agreement for you, collect all necessary information, and the sign the agreement with you.

    3. Closing the deal

    By phone with our trader or via the Online Broker trading platform.

    4. Trade settlement

    Once your funds have been credited to Akcenta's account, we will settle the trade for you.


    About Akcenta

    We are a leading provider of payment services in Central Europe.

    For more than 25 years we have built a solid position in the financial market. Thanks to our experience, companies and entrepreneurs can benefit from the best solutions:

    • Forward transactions
    • Foreign payment transactions
    • Foreign exchange trades
    • Information service and market news
    • A network of sales representatives

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