Online Broker (OLB)

    The new generation of the Online Broker (OLB) web platform offers a range of benefits

    • Real-time exchange rates online without needing to make a phone call
    • Easy entry of payment orders for international payments
    • Complete view of transaction history 24 hours a day
    • Option to print all documents and transaction statements at any time
    • Automatic trades in case of reaching predefined Exchange rate (order)
    • Reduced fees – specifics can be found in the current pricelist
    • Platform provided completely free of charge
    • The maximum security of all transactions carried out using the OLB is a priority!

    Confirming operations has never been easier. Try AkcentaKey!

    Wherever you are, we are simply at your service!

    How to login to OLB?
    1. Once you enter the required combination of information details (username and password) you will be sent a unique numeric code on your mobile with a time limit.

    2. Signing in to the application takes place immediately after entering a numeric code.

    3. The new generation of the OLB application is very user-friendly with an easy controlling.

    What is AkcentaKey?

    AkcentaKey is a mobile app for Android and iOS for secure authentication of payments and transactions in Akcenta online banking.

    1. Getting started and registering for the first time: after downloading the app, enter your PIN and confirm it.

    2. Account Pairing: On the "Account Pairing" screen, enter the authorization code from OLB and scan the QR code to pair the account.

    3. Biometric authentication: if your device supports biometric authentication, you can turn it on in the app settings.


    54 000+ clients in 6 markets

    More than 25 years on the market

    More than 100 sales representatives

    Foreign payments

    Foreign and domestic payments through Akcenta are fast, reliable and inexpensive. You can make payments in 17 currencies. They are a responsive alternative to payments made through banks.

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    Foreign exchange trades

    The best rates for companies, individual solutions, speed and reliability in the implementation of foreign exchange transactions (currency exchange). We offer each client the optimal solution to suit their needs.

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    Forward transactions

    The main function of forward transactions is to hedge against adverse movements in the exchange rate. You can choose between forward trades, swap trades and currency options.

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