Foreign exchange trades

    Attractive exchange rates, individualised solutions, speed and reliability when making Forex trades (foreign exchange trades). Our goal is to offer our clients optimal solutions to meet the specific needs of their business.

    • We do not have a universal pricelist. We offer an individual exchange rate bid at the moment of the exchange (trade), according to the current situation on the Forex market. We offer more attractive rates than those on bank pricelists and effectively compete with currency dealers' offers as well.
    • We buy or sell any amount of currency depending on the client's needs. The specific conditions for the trade are influenced by the amount of the trade.
    • We offer all standard currencies (CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, PLN, CAD, DKK, NOK, SEK, AUD, JPY, HUF, RON, CNY, TRY, BGN).
    • We implement currency exchange transactions immediately.
    • We exchange currency free of charge.
    • The trade can be concluded simply by phone or via Online Broker.

    Our exchange rates




    The exchange rates shown are informative in nature; for the most up-to-date rates, please call +420 498 777 800. You can find current exchange rates in our Online Broker anytime.

    How exchange rates are calculated

    Perfect selling value of the currency

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    How do foreign exchange transactions work?

    1. Contact with the client

    The Client calls the Akcenta FX Sales Dealer or logs into their Online Broker account to find out their current rate.

    2. Acceptance of the offered exchange rate

    The Client accepts the offered exchange rate for the traded foreign exchange pair or enters a payment order for where the funds are to be sent.

    3. Transfer of funds

    The Client receives an email confirmation with payment instructions. Based on that info, they make a payment to the linked Akcenta account.

    4. Trade settlement

    Upon crediting the funds to Akcenta's escrow account, the trade will be settled at the agreed exchange rate without fees.

    5. Crediting / Sending the exchanged amount

    Upon crediting the funds to Akcenta's escrow account, the trade will be settled at the agreed exchange rate without any extra fees.

    Foreign exchange trades at Akcenta

    At Akcenta, we offer not only currency exchange, but also advance payment services for efficient transfers of funds to and from abroad. Our services are designed to help you save on costs and speed up fund transfers. For a more detailed overview of our rates, we recommend using our pricelist.

    Foreign payments

    Foreign and domestic payments through Akcenta are fast, reliable and inexpensive. You can make payments in 17 currencies. They are a responsive alternative to payments made through banks.

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    Foreign exchange trades

    We offer the best rates for companies, individualised solutions, speed and reliability in the implementation of foreign exchange transactions (currency exchange). We provide each client a solution that best fits their needs.

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    Forward transactions

    The main function of forward transactions is to hedge against adverse movements in exchange rates. You can choose among forward trades, swap trades and currency options.

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    Our sales representatives

    Are you seeking a tailor-made solution, speed or absolute reliability for the execution of foreign exchange transactions? Contact our sales representatives.

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    Online Broker (OLB)

    The new generation of the Online Broker (OLB) web platform offers a range of benefits

    We are authorised to carry out payment transactions for currency exchanges based on our payment institution license. We provide forward contracts on the basis of our license for securities trading (a Czech National Bank decision for authorisation to engage in securities trader activities within the scope of primary investment services – according to §4, paragraph 3, item a). The issuance of these licenses was preceded by inspections and proof of competency for such activities. The CNB establishes strict criteria for license holders and regularly verifies compliance.