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    The history of the modern Polish currency Zloty (PLN - hereafter in Czech transcription Zlotý) can be dated back to 1924, when the Zloty currency was reintroduced instead of the Polish mark with an exchange rate of 1 Zloty = 1 800 000 Polish marks. Zloty [zuoty] (colloquially złotówka [zuotuvka]), as the basic unit of Polish currency, is divided into 100 groschen.

    The use of the Zloty (PLN) was discontinued during World War II. After the war, Poland, like other Central European countries, came under Soviet influence and, as a result of the functioning of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate could not evolve according to the needs and development of the Polish economy. It was as a result of this 'economic assistance' and other factors that the PLN exchange rate was subject to strong inflationary developments in the 1990s. This high inflation eventually led to a reduction in the nominal value of the Zloty (PLN) as a currency.

    This denomination of four zeros in the ratio 10 000 PLZ = 1 PLN significantly determined the further development of the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate. To prevent similar cases and in order to protect the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate, a number of measures were adopted and implemented. These included the reorganisation of the Polish interbank payment system, the introduction of 'account consolidation', etc. All these specific steps have led to the 'calming down' of the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate, but at the same time they have complicated the use of the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate. It is these specific and concrete steps that require greater professional preparedness in the use of the Zloty (PLN) exchange rate.

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