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Working with AKCENTA CZ offers you a range of benefits!

Great rates when exchanging currencies
Hedging using derivative transactions
Low or no fees for payment services
Simple execution of trades via the internet using the OLB application
Fast, safe and reliable settling of trades
Daily reports on market conditions, including outlook for upcoming days
Personal approach to client needs
Stable and the largest payment institution in Central Europe
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AKCENTA CZ a.s. doesn't have a traditional rate sheet, but compiles an individual exchange rate bid at the given moment for each client.

We have no quantity limits, we buy or sell any amount of currency depending on the needs of the client. The individual conditions of the trade are influenced by the amount of the trade. The exchange rate depends on the current situation on the forex market. Our offering includes all standard currencies.
Our clients can keep Internal Payment Accounts completely free of charge for individual currencies. From these they can easily make payments to the accounts of foreign partners and receive international payments as well.
To provide greater ease of use, speed, and savings on transaction costs to our clients, we have accounts available for their use at the following banks: Komerční banka (KB), Česká spořitelna (ČS), MONETA Money Bank, FIO Bank, Raiffeisenbank. In addition to currency exchange options – including spot and derivative transactions – we offer the following services: payments, that offer the option of other savings on fees when making or receiving international payments.
We assess a fee for payments or currency exchanges of amounts less than 2 500€ (or the foreign currency equivalent) according to the current pricelist.
We perform non-cash operations only.
the largest payment institution
in Central Europe
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