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Dealing limit

The Dealing Limit allows clients with a valid Framework Agreement to flexibly make use of hedging operations without the need of blocking funds for AKCENTA CZ

Clients exposed to risk of unwanted exchange rate trends can use hedging operations (currency derivatives operations) to partially or completely eliminate risk and gain security – a financial planning instrument.

Current AKCENTA CZ product offering of hedging products:

When making a hedging operation, an obligation arises toward the counterparty of the trade for all subjects offering these services.

In addition to standard forms of coverage, AKCENTA CZ offers coverage of these commitments, such as blocking client funds and the Dealing Limit.

Setting up a Dealing Limit is completely free of charge for clients of AKCENTA CZ!

Documents required by AKCENTA CZ in order to set up the Dealing Limit, a zero-balance security deposit:

  • Full version of Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the past 3 accounting cycles – audited statements preferred
  • Completed client questionnaire

You can also set up a Dealing Limit using any of the following methods:

  • Deposit of collateral
  • Secured by a promissory note

For more information on how to set up a Dealing Limit, please contact your AKCENTA CZ trading partner or call the AKCENTA CZ Infoline.

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