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    The Romanian lev, namely the Romanian leu, (the singular is leu) has been in circulation for almost 150 years. The New Leu (RON) has been in force since 2005 and its ISO 4217 code is RON (ROmanian New Leu). One leu is divided into 100 bani (the singular ban).

    Since the introduction of the Romanian leu in 1867, the exchange rate of the leu has undergone a rather dramatic evolution. If we take into account that the leu has "survived" two kingdoms, two world wars, one fascist and one communist dictatorship, and then one highly chaotic period of reforms, then we cannot be surprised that the leu exchange rate has never been above the average of European currency exchange rates, indeed it has been at a significantly lower level. Only on two occasions did the leu reach or even briefly exceed this average. But unfortunately in both cases it was the "work" of the political leaders of the time "to appease the domestic audience". The situation of the lei was not helped by the fact that Europe was the first and only country to introduce polymer banknotes. The "denomination" of the lei at a ratio of 1 new lei (RON) to 10,000 old lei in the monetary reform of 1 July 2005 did not help the lei (RON) exchange rate position, nor did Romania's accession to the EU in 2007.

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    The introduction of the Euro was originally planned for 2015 and thus the abolition of the lei (RON), but in 2012 by decision of the National Bank of Romania it was postponed for an indefinite period of time. However the lei (RON) exchange rate develops in the future, you can rest easy as long as your transactions are managed by Akcenta. Akcenta has long experience with different exchange rates, even with the transition of individual currencies to the Euro, or with the adoption of the Euro in place of individual currencies (e.g. Slovakia). Prepare for all possibilities.

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