Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The Dealing Limit allows clients with a valid Master Agreement to flexibly use hedging operations without the need to block funds in favour of Accenta. It is quick and completely FREE to arrange.

    For clients who are exposed to the risk of undesirable development of exchange rates, hedging operations (foreign exchange forward operations) allow them to partially or completely eliminate these risks and gain security - a financial planning tool.

    By entering into hedging transactions, all entities providing these services incur an exposure to the counterparty to these transactions.

    In addition to the standard form of covering this exposure, such as blocking client funds, Akcenta also offers its clients a Dealing Limit.

    The processing of the Dealing Limit is completely free of charge for Akcenta's clients!

    Documents required by AKCENTA CZ for the determination of the zero security amount, the so-called Dealing Limit:

    • Balance sheet and profit and loss statement (income statement) in full for the last 3 accounting periods - an audited statement is an advantage
    • Completed client questionnaire

    Alternative for determining the Dealing Limit:

    • Collateral composition
    • Collateralisation by a promissory note

    For further information on the possibility of obtaining a Dealing Limit, please contact your AKCENTA CZ sales representative or call the AKCENTA CZ helpline._

    Glossary of terms


    Association of the Foreign Exchange Market - a professional association of leading non-bank foreign exchange dealers in the Czech Republic.
    Account number
    The account number is a numerical identification of a bank account.
    An increase (appreciation) in the exchange rate of one currency against another depending on the situation on the foreign exchange market (supply and demand for the currency).
    Specific exchange rate offer.
    Devaluation (weakening) of the exchange rate of one currency against another depending on the situation on the foreign exchange market (supply and demand for the currency).
    Administrative Register of Economic Entities - an information system that collects data from various registers and enables a search among all economic entities registered in the Czech Republic.
    The price at which a bank sells currencies, i.e. the price charged by a dealer when selling currencies to another bank or to a customer.
    Alternative authentication
    Alternative authentication means that a user's identity is verified by a series of additional questions to which only the user can know the answer.
    Authentication refers to the verification of a user's identity using an authentication SMS.
    Transmission of information about an expected upcoming payment to AKCENTA CZ a.s.. Enables the assignment of a pending payment to a specific customer.