Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


    If the conversion trade is not executed/settled within the maturity of the forward on the predetermined settlement date, it is possible to postpone the settlement date by means of a swap trade, thus delaying its exhaustion to a suitable time. In this case, the originally agreed forward trade will be revalued and a new forward trade will be entered into at current market values.

    By entering into hedging transactions, all entities providing these services incur an exposure to the counterparty to these transactions. This exposure is covered in the following ways:

    • By blocking client funds
    • Dealing limit against financial statements
    • Dealing limit secured with a bill of exchange
    • Dealing limit secured with a property

    If you are interested in this product and believe you would find it a beneficial tool to limit the risk associated with your business, please contact us.

    AKCENTA CZ a.s. shall not be liable for any damages or lost profits caused to any person by the use of the information and data contained in on this website or in the company's marketing material. AKCENTA CZ a.s. points out that the conclusion of futures trades mentioned on this website or in the marketing material involves risks, which the client is obliged to get acquainted with, understand and consider to the fullest extent possible and, if necessary, request further information. More detailed information on the risks related to futures trading is provided on the AKCENTA CZ a.s. website. Information on risks will also be provided by AKCENTA CZ a.s. employees.

    Glossary of terms


    Association of the Foreign Exchange Market - a professional association of leading non-bank foreign exchange dealers in the Czech Republic.
    Account number
    The account number is a numerical identification of a bank account.
    An increase (appreciation) in the exchange rate of one currency against another depending on the situation on the foreign exchange market (supply and demand for the currency).
    Specific exchange rate offer.
    Devaluation (weakening) of the exchange rate of one currency against another depending on the situation on the foreign exchange market (supply and demand for the currency).
    Administrative Register of Economic Entities - an information system that collects data from various registers and enables a search among all economic entities registered in the Czech Republic.
    The price at which a bank sells currencies, i.e. the price charged by a dealer when selling currencies to another bank or to a customer.
    Alternative authentication
    Alternative authentication means that a user's identity is verified by a series of additional questions to which only the user can know the answer.
    Authentication refers to the verification of a user's identity using an authentication SMS.
    Transmission of information about an expected upcoming payment to AKCENTA CZ a.s.. Enables the assignment of a pending payment to a specific customer.