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How to trade by phone

Thank you for deciding to use our services for your international payments and exchanges of foreign currency. For fast and easy trading of trades by phone, please follow these 8 steps:

1) Call our traders at +420 498 777 777. In order for us to identify you, please give the trader your name, the name of your company, and the number of the Framework Agreement you have with us (if applicable, please state your Company ID No.).

2) Tell the trader what type of trade you wish to conduct (what amount in which currency):

  • which currency pair you wish to trade; that is, which currency you wish to sell and which currency you wish to buy (e.g.: I wish to sell Euro and I wish to buy Czech crowns, or I wish to buy Euros with dollars, etc.)
  • the amount you wish to trade

3) The trader will offer you an individual rate for the requested forex operation

4) If you agree with the offered exchange rate, the trader will specify the other parameters of the trade:

  • from what bank account you will be sending funds, or whether you use an IPA (Internal Payment Account with AKCENTA CZ),
  • where (to what account) you wish to send the purchased currency,
  • what the variable symbol is,
  • the settlement date of the trade; that is, how quickly the trade should be carried out (e.g. same day, next day),
  • type of fee arrangement according to which the payment should be carried out:
    • SHA = the sender pays fees to their own bank and the recipient pays fees to their own bank, as well as any fees charged by intermediary banks
    • OUR = sender pays all fees
    • BEN = recipient pays all fees

Wherever a SEPA payment (SEPA) is concerned, fees are always shared – SHA

5) After making the trade, you will receive a confirmation of the trade via email – your Confirmation*.
Please check the accuracy of the data stated in the confirmation you receive.
In the event of any disagreement, please contact immediately at +420 498 777 777.

6) If all data is in order, pay the requested amount according to the payment instructions stated in the Confirmation.

7) After receiving funds to your account, we send your payment according to the agreed parameters the following business day. If you require more rapid processing of the payment, it is necessary to inform the trader of this when making the trade and to negotiate with them whether it can be carried out in the given case. We will try to adapt to your wishes.

8) We will send you an email notification confirming that the trade was settled the next business day after you send funds to your selected account.

*We recommend that you retain this Confirmation for your records.

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