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“We've worked with many organizations, but the products and services of AKCENTA CZ are the best fit for us.”
Ing. Zdeněk Kotík
Magrix s.r.o.
“Our company has a strategic position in Central Europe and thanks to this location, together with the expertise and quality of our products, we are the ideal CDMO partner for pharmaceutical companies in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.
For this reason, it is very important for us to secure and fasten foreign payments with maximum efficiency of foreign exchange operations. That's why we chose AKCENTA CZ to be our partner.”
Jiří Jirman
Saneca Pharmaceuticals a.s.
“We're long-term partners of AKCENTA CZ, the primary benefits are the premium conditions in the forex field as well as the speed, flexibility, and professionalism of Akcenta staff.”
Ing. Miroslav Šabršula
SV metal spol. s r.o.
We're demanding of ourselves and of our partners. AKCENTA CZ fulfills the profile of a serious, reliable, and trustworthy partner.
Mgr. Michal PokornýATECH Bohemia a.s.
ATECH Bohemia a.s.
We ensure all of our international currency payments with AKCENTA CZ, and we are completely satisfied both with the scope and quality of the services provided and the cost savings when compared to insuring with a bank.
Ing.Luboš MervartMERKA SPEDITION, s.r.o.
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