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Regulations and licenses

AKCENTA CZ a.s. offers its services on the basis of a permit granted by the Czech National Bank (CNB).
We became the first non-bank financial institution to receive a permit to engage in the activities of a payment institution in February 2011 by successfully completing the licensing procedure for the Czech National Bank. This license is valid indefinitely and authorizes AKCENTA CZ to provide payment services in accordance with §3 paragraph 1 items a), b), c), e), and f) of the Act on Payment Systems.
In July 2009 we were granted authorization to carry out the activities of a securities trader within the scope of primary investment services according to §4 paragraph 2 items a), b), and c), and supplemental investment services according to §4 paragraph 3 item a). This license authorizes us to execute derivative transactions (Forwards and Swaps). In the interests of thoroughness, we have also provided our Statement from the Commercial Register.

AKCENTA CZ offers its services abroad according to the Notification of the Czech national bank (CNB).

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