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Ten rules for security

General security rules for using the application Online Broker (OLB)

1. Use the OLB application and all access information solely and exclusively you yourself alone

Keep printed documents that you have received from us in a safe place. In the event of a suspicion of an attack or misuse of your account or entry data to it, contact us on our Infoline at +420 498 777 770 or at the electronic address info@akcenta.eu.

2. Rules for work by multiple users on one computer

Do not allow another person to log on under your user name. Do not store names and passwords in publicly accessible files. Upon suspicion of the misuse of your login data to your rights accounts, ask AKCENTA CZ to block them. Protect your login name and password – never disclose them to another person.

3. Rules for working in the Online Broker application

Prior to logging in, close all other browser windows and initialize Online Broker in a new window. We recommend regularly installing the up-to-date versions of operating system repair packages (so-called Service Packs).

4. Rules for working with passwords

As a matter of principle, do not disclose your password to anyone and prevent it from being seen when entering it into a computer.

5. Rules for working with the verification code

You will receive the verification code by way of a text message to the telephone number that you have provided when signing the agreement. The validity of the verification code is 3 minutes. Do not disclose a valid verification code to anyone and do not allow anyone to read or otherwise obtain it from your telephone.

6. Rules for secure communication

Use the maximum degree of encryption in your browser (128 bit). In communications through OLB, use the TLS 1.0 protocol.

7. Rules for internet browser settings (e.g. Internet Explorer)

Always use only the newest versions of browsers. Forbid the saving of login passwords in the browser (e.g. Tools/Internet Options/Content/AutoComplete /Settings, the field for “User names and passwords on forms” must remain unticked – for IE 8).

8. Rules for using your computer

As a matter of principle, we do not recommend installing programs and files from unreliable sources (primarily including illegal SW and amateur products). Such programs are often associated with applications that can endanger the security of work on your computer. Devote heightened attention to reading emails with an attachment, which can often be infected with a virus or malware. Use an antivirus program and update its virus database regularly (we recommend updating databases at least once a week). Protect your computer with a personal firewall (primarily pertaining to devices with a public IP address).

9. Further recommended internet browser settings

Keep the versions of frequently used browsers always up to date:
Operating System Support:
  • Windows 7 SP1 with updates for 08/2015 and newer system version(s)
  • OS X v10.9 "Mavericks" and later
  • UNIX / LINUX version of 2015

Browser support:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with updates for 08/2015 or later
  • Google Chrome, any 2015 version and later
  • Firefox, any 2015 version and later
  • Safari for Maxos X, any 2015 version and later

10. Further recommendations

Consistently verify the validity of server certificates. In the browser, select the option of notifications of invalid server certificates. In the browser, select the option of notifications of transitions from a secured to a non-secured area. Do not use browser extension services. Regularly delete temporary files (Temporary Internet File).
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