Information for the suppliers

    Information for the suppliers

    Information on the processing of personal data as applies to suppliers, according to the GDPR

    We hereby inform you of the processing of your personal data in accordance with the European Parliament and Council regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and your rights as relate to this processing.

    Your personal data is processed by the organization AKCENTA CZ a.s., company ID: 251 63 680, with its registered office in Prague 1, Salvátorská 913/8, post code 110 00, Czech Republic, contact address Nerudova 1361/31, 500 02 Hradec Králové, tel. +420 498 777 770, e-mail (hereinafter also referred to as "admi-nistrator") in the following categories:

    1. Contracts, orders, invoices

    In order to fulfill contracts and legal obligations (particularly in the areas of ac-counting and taxation), the administrator processes the personal data of natural per-sons contained in such contracts, orders or invoices. Documents are kept for up to 10 years from the end of the contractual relationship and can be handed over to transport companies, government authorities or other organs in accordance with the law.

    In the event of ongoing or imminent legal disputes and insurance events, the rele-vant personal data processed by the administrator on the basis of its own legitimate interest or that of its customers and employees shall be stored for the maximum limi-tation or preclusion periods (i.e, six months after the expiration of such limits). This takes into account the fact that a summons may be served by the court several mon-ths after filing.

    2. Contact details

    The administrator has legitimate interest in the processing of contact details of the supplier for the purpose of business negotiations, conclusion and implementation of the contract. Refusal to provide such information may lead to the suspension of all business activity.

    Records are continuously updated; an individual’s inactive contact details will be deleted (at the latest up to five years from the last interaction).

    Your rights

    You have the right to request of the administrator that you may access, correct, or delete your personal data, or to state your objection to the processing or objection to the right of transfer of your data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body and, in the event of suspicion that the processing of the per-sonal data is contrary to the protection of your privacy and personal life or against the law, you have the right to request an explanation from the administrator and its removal.

    Detailed information on your rights and possible recipients of your personal data (including information about the possible transfer of your personal data) can be found in the section Processing and Protection of Personal Data According to the GDPR.

    Contact details of the data protection officer

    Last update: 07/02/2023