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Payment Services

Payment Order with Currency Exchange

With one payment order you can exchange currency in addition to making an international payment, or transfer funds to your bank account. You can place your payment order either by phone or electronically via the OLB application.

If you place your trade by phone, you can agree on the exchange rate for the requested currency pair with the trader. You will also specify the parameters of the trade:

  • from what bank the funds will be sent
  • where (to what account) you wish to send the purchased currency
  • what variable symbol and payment heading (e.g. whether this is a payment for goods or services, etc.)
  • under what settlement terms; that is, how quickly the trade should be executed (e.g. next day, same day)
  • type of instruction (fee payment method) with which the payment should be made

For trades executed using the OLB, clients define all parameters themselves.

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