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Upgrade of the internet dealing platform OLB

Upgrade of the internet dealing platform OLB

Dear clients,
as we are improving our services and products steadily we would like to announce the upgrade of our internet dealing platform On-line Broker (OLB). Now you can use following features:

  • Multicurrency aggregate payment order - you can enter upto 10 payment orders in any currency in one order. the tool is available in the bookmark „Trading“.
  • Increase of displayed currency pairs from 4 to 8 - you can setup your individual number of displayed currency pairs in bookmark „Configuration“. You will get an overview over the exchange rates you are interested in.
  • Change of password - you can change your password at anytime. You can setup it in the bookmark „Configuration“ and use for instance a well memorizerd password.
  • You can get lost password on the mobile of the authorized person via SMS – when you lose your password, you can order to get in on a mobile.

We believe that these improvements make your work with the OLB more pleasure and convenient.

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