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RUB (Russian ruble)

Mandatory payment instructions - RUB currency payments

Additional mandatory payment instructions for outgoing payments in RUB (excluding transfer of RUB within ING CZ)

Besides the mandatory payment instructions required for transfer of foreign currency payments in RUB (such as recipient’s bank account name, recipient’s account number and SWIFT - BIC bank code of the recipient), there are some additional mandatory payment instructions:

  1. INN code - this is an identification number for tax purposes, if the recipient is a natural person the INN number is not required
  2. BIK code (national numeric identification code) + account number in the recipient’s bank that the recipient keeps with the Russian central bank - correspondent account
  3. VO code - expresses the purpose of payment (Russian payment title)
  4. Reason of the payment specification in words (ideally in English)
  5. Information on value added tax "VAT", "NO VAT"

The recipient of the RUB payment is obliged to provide the above stated payment instructions, without these instructions the bank is not able to process the payment.

Payment instructions for transfer of RUB currency payment to Akcenta’s account in ING CZ from another bank:

If a client needs to send a payment in RUB to the account of Akcenta CZ, the following payment instructions must be provided; these are usually entered into the payment details.

 Account name                                                                                        AKCENTA CZ a.s. 
 Recipient’s account number – Akcenta’s account kept at ING CZ
CZ63 3500 0000 0012 8049 9508
 BIK code INGBRUMM (ING Moscow) 044525222
 account INGBCZPP kept at INGBRUMM

(3010 1810 5000 0000 0222 account INGBRUMM kept at CBRFRUMM – Russian Central Bank) –
ING Moscow account - additional information

3011 1810 3000 0100 0432
 VO code (see attachment) + payment reason specification in words e.g.: 60081 currency conversion
 VAT information
 INN code not required
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